Friday, 3 July 2009

A rain cloud, a crane on wing

Wednesday (Canada Day) was the first time I saw fireworks that weren't a) Bridgewater Canada Day fireworks, b) bought at a convenience/dollar store and let off in someone's backyard, or c) on tv. I thought they would be exciting and fantastical, but they were actually pretty disappointing. They were about the same length as the Bridgewater ones, about the same amount, and I think there was actually less variety. Not a single whistler! Those were always my favourite ones. I guess cities don't always have better things than rural areas (So I was right all along! Hah!). Part of it may have been due to the fact that in Bridgewater you're generally close enough that if the wind's blowing your way you get firework ashes landing on you, whereas the other night we were quite a few city blocks away. They seemed so small and so tiny! It was silly. And in Bridgewater you always think they're done a few times, buuuut then they're not! Whereas here, the first time I thought they were done, I was conditioned to expect them not to be. But they were. Sadface. The good part was that we were on the roof of a hotel, which was exciting... even more so because I don't think we were really supposed to be there.

Last weekend was full of escapades. Yes, you heard me, escapades. First real good adventure-y weekend I've had in a while. Friday evening, a couple of friends came over. We wandered the grocery store in hunt of food, then cooked the food, then ate the food. Several courses of food. As much as I wanted cookies, I'm glad we didn't decide to make them, that would have been just too much! Saturday morning LH and I went out to the market and wandered there for a while, and I partook of a delicious crepe. As we were walking home, we decided to sidetrack to a nearby boutique, but then we decided to sidetrack to a candy store, which led to sidetracking a little more to a couple of other boutiques, and then on the way to the original boutique, we got sidetracked to a toy store... I like getting sidetracked. That evening, we met up with the same friends from Friday evening for ice cream, and then wandered the waterfront and sat in the "rowboat" at the pirate playground and talked for ages... I like adventures. :)

So, the toy store that we stopped at was really neat. Actually there are a few neat toy stores around. There's one down the road called Uncommon Kids which had a lot of really cute wooden toys, and neat things like juggling balls and... so much other stuff I don't even remember! The one we were at last weekend was called Woozles, and I probably mostly liked it because it was mostly a book store. It had a bunch of cool things. Like A Field Guide to Monsters and a POP-UP BOOK about fairies! And new Tamora Pierce books that I haven't read that made me want to go back and read all of them again... and a sticker book with pirate dinosaurs! And glow-in-the-dark pirate temporary tattoos! And a pocket kite, which I really wanted, because kites are clearly awesome. I used to have one with pikachu on it.

So, while we were browsing through second-hand clothing boutiques, I picked up a couple of things. One of which was a dress. A cute girly brightly-coloured summery dress. That I wore to work yesterday. With jewellery. It may have taken 19 years, but I think I've finally started acting like a girl. I have a desire to own more dresses, which weirds me out, because I used to hate dresses/skirts of any kind. So strange.

The problem with this dress is that it's strapless, and therefore looks silly on me without some sort of shrug over it. And I really only have one of those. And I didn't find any at any of the boutiques we were at. So I came to the only logical conclusion, where I knit one for myself! So I looked up some patterns, and I want to make this. It's pretty, and I think the way it's put together is really neat. I'm having some trouble deciding on a colour, though. At first I was dead set on a nice chocolate brown, because it's a lovely colour and it looks good on me. But then I realized that at least half of the things I own that I would wear it with are already chocolate brown, or a colour that wouldn't match it. So then I was thinking black, because it goes with everything, but I don't know, black is just such a sharp colour, I'd rather have something softer. So now I'm thinking charcoal gray, maybe? I'm going out to buy yarn either tonight or tomorrow morning, so I'll see what my options are and then decide. I will, of course, let you know my decision. :)

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