Sunday, 20 September 2009

Don't Want to go to Bed, Don't Want to Close my Eyes

Okay, here's a story. It ends with me sharing some music love (and indifference), but it starts like this. I decided that this year I want to get serious about my French, which really has to involve reading real-life French things, outside of class. Obviously, the easiest solution to this was to subscribe to a French feed on Google Reader. I settled on the music blog from Radio-Canada (CBC, en anglais), because hey, music is the shit.

So the very first post I read was the most recent one: this one right here. The CBC will be releasing an album of the best performances from their show Studio 12. I'm not familiar with Studio 12, but I'm sure it's lovely, whatever it is. Anyway, the album is available to listen to online from now until October 7th, so I gave it a whirl. Some of the songs are in French, some are in English, but they are nearly all very good. I would recommend having a listen while the opportunity is there.

And then a little later there was this post about the Harvest Jazz & Blues Festival in Fredericton, and specifically about one performer by the name of Jill Barber. And I was all, "Jill Barber, that name sounds familiar, isn't she...?" So I looked her up, and sure enough, yes, she is. A few years back, I went to a most wonderful concert with my parents. It was called A New Kind of Light, and the concert and accompanying CD were in support of the food bank. The three artists performing that night were Rose Cousins, Meaghan Smith, and, yup, Jill Barber. It was quite possibly the best concert I have ever seen (admittedly, the total number of concerts I've seen is probably somewhere in the 10-15 range)... it gave me the feeling that when I left I just wanted to be really quiet for a good long time and just appreciate it for as long as possible before I broke the spell with conversation (all of the best things make me feel this way; sometimes I am quiet because I don't know how to carry on conversation, but sometimes I am quiet because I like life too much). Anyway. Point of the story is, seeing that blog post about Jill Barber turned out to be a pleasant surprise. I had remembered her as being a little country for my taste (wikipedia claims she is 'folk-pop,' so, sure), so when I played the video in that article, I was pleasantly surprised to hear a sultry jazz tune. I looked up her website (linked above) and found that all of her music is available for listening right there! I am pleased with this discovery. It gets my nomination to officially be a Good Thing.

Also, since I had been reminded of their existence, I checked out Rose Cousins and Meaghan Smith to see if they were still good. Answer: yes. I linked both their websites above, but neither of them really have music available there (Rose, nothing that I could find; Meaghan: 30 second samples of a few tracks). They both have a smattering of songs on Grooveshark, but it seems like the best bet is their myspace pages (Rose & Meaghan), go have a listen if you're interested!

So then, yesterday afternoon, my roommate and I were walking home, and while taking a shortcut through a parking lot we saw this group of people hanging out around a U-haul. We were like "...'kay," but the people were all "hey go to this website and get some free music" and they gave us these little business cards for a band called Promonium Jesters, which one has to assume the were the members of. From the look of them/their business cards/website/myspace page, my expectations were, to say the least, not high. "Wangbuster 420" is not a name of a song from a band that does good music. I was pleased to find that they were not, in fact, full of suck, as I had expected. I mean... I don't think I'll be listening to them from now on or anything like that, but, well, it would have been good music if I liked that sort of music, ya know? You could hear the talent, even if you didn't appreciate the genre.

I feel like this is getting lengthy, but while I'm being longwinded about music I figure I ought to just get it all over with at once, soooo, a few more, and then we'll be done!

So this afternoon as I was making lunch, I was all "man! it is 12 and I am in a room containing a radio, WHY AM I NOT LISTENING TO STUART MCLEAN???" This probably just confirms your opinion that I am, in fact, not quite all together, which is probably also true, but let me explain. Listening to The Vinyl Cafe on Sundays is just something that my family always did. And for the past two years, I just sort of stopped. I don't know why, I guess because it was a family thing, and I wasn't with family. But basically there has been no Stuart McLean in my life since Christmas break. And it just sort of hit me today, so I decided to remedy it. Anyway. His musical guest today was a band called 3 Gars Su'l Sofa. They are also great. They also have two full albums available for listening to on their website, so check them out!

So one of the two frosh week events that I creeped in on was the Quad Concert, by The Mellotones, who are also wonderful. They don't seem to exist on the internet, but they play at the Seahorse on Thursday nights; my roommate and I intend to go see them there when we actually find a Thursday night that works for us.

Last but not least, I sort of can't believe I haven't shared this yet. Over the summer I developed a habit where every time I went to the library for books, I'd stop by the CD section and pick something up on the criteria that: a) the name was unfamiliar but sounded interesting, b) the album art was pretty/interesting, and c) the song names were intriguing. I discovered a few pretty decent groups this way (spontaneous honourable mention to Orchards & Vines, they are pretty cool), but by far the best of the best was a group called Mardeen, who I later discovered hail from my very own Halifax. Anyway, they are pretty much the best, definitely made it into my favourites list very quickly, go listen to them like right now.

Okay I am done, I am going to go pass out in bed now, holy moly.

Friday, 11 September 2009

Oh Boy!

Things that always make me feel better: This video.

I can't remember whether or not I've posted this before, so I'm gonna do it again, just in case. One of my friends introduced a bunch of us to it over the summer, and it is fantastic.

(Keep your eye on the cello player).

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

I love so much:

Chocolate fountains
Underwater fireworks!
Semi-spontaneous open mic performances
Wardroom beer prices
Coincidentally running into people you've been wanting to see
Those crazy ladies at work
Having a house full of people (no more quiet lonesomeness!)
Eating in the wrong direction
Playing (rockband) guitar in the wrong direction
Rockband parties
Remembering old inside jokes (I had forgetter'd about "forgetter'd")
Having absolutely NOTHING ready for class in less than twelve hours

Thursday, 3 September 2009

Is it obvious to you I'm not making any sense, I like to do the things that make me happy

I'm going crazy.

I was actually looking forward to having the apartment to myself for a while. My subletter-roommate, AM, moved out two weeks ago, and my actual-roommate, JH, has yet to move in. My other actual-roommate, LH, left for a vacation last Thursday.

So I was on my own Thursday night. Friday I was at work all day, but then had friends around all weekend, and went home for Sunday night and went straight to work on Monday, and then saw friends that evening. So I've really only been by myself for Tuesday, yesterday, and today.

You wouldn't think three days would be enough time to get completely lonely and freak out at how dreadfully silent it is, even with music playing. But apparently it is.

Fortunately, I only have to survive it a little longer. I think friends are visiting tomorrow afternoon, and then a bunch of us are going to the drive-in in the evening, and then I'm going home for the rest of the long weekend. I expect JH should move in sometime Tuesday or Wednesday, and LH will get back on Wednesday. So I should survive. One would hope.

I'm finding it really lame that I have to work until the last day before class. Before I was all "pshh, whatevs, more money" but now I just want a break! Tough luck, I suppose.

I have such an odd collection of feelings regarding the upcoming school year. On the one hand, I feel like I want more summer because this summer hasn't been as good as last summer and I want more time to do stuff. But I think really, even though last summer was amazing, it was probably too good. I mean, last year this time I was bawling my eyes out because I didn't want to go back to school, so at least I'm not doing that any more. I'm nervous about how different things are going to be this year, in a lot of ways, but also excited. I don't know. I guess I'll just need to wait and see.

Also, I haven't written anything in my positivity journal since mid-June. I guess writing down all the small positive things every day isn't something you feel the need to do when you're happy enough anyway?

Oh, and I updated my blogroll. Yay current ready things!

I have post half-formed in my head, hopefully this one will actually make it to a completed form!

There are a lot of things bouncing around in my head at the moment, but I don't really know which ones to share or what to say about them, so I think I'm going to leave it at this for the time being.