Monday, 2 November 2009

Things I Learned About Nightlife This Weekend

1. Do not take jackets. Freeze on the way there/home. It will be worth it to not have them hinder your dancing.

2. Do not take purses. Wear something with pockets instead. Purses, like jackets, get in the way.

3. Do not where strapless dresses if you intend to dance. No matter how well they fit and how certain you are that they won't actually fall down, they are not worth the bother of worrying about them falling down anyway.

4. Age differences of about twenty years will not necessarily deter someone from persistently trying to dance with you. Even after you've said no several times.

5. Learn to live with the reality of people being in your personal space.

6. Don't worry about being in other people's way; they're not worried about being in your way.

7. Talking to strangers sometimes goes pretty alright. Don't be so scared of it.

8. The best way to learn effective and socially accepted techniques for crowd-maneuvering, stranger-talking, etc. is to observe how others do it.

9. Going out can be fun. Maybe don't spend so much time at home.

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