Saturday, 21 November 2009

The Things on My Walls

A little glimpse of the world in which I live...

The poster in the middle is something I won. In grade 10 my school had a Wellness Day, and at the women's version, everyone attended three workshops of their choice. At the end of each workshop, they drew names to give away a couple small prizes. I won something at each of my workshops: this poster, what quickly became favourite book, and a t-shirt. The images around it are from National Geographic. They're actually pictures my mom had up in her room when she was in university. We moved the summer before I started university, and in the process of packing she came across them, and I decided to keep some of them for my walls.

These guys were here when we moved in. I thought it was pretty neat, so I left them up.

These were a present for my birthday last year. They glow in the dark! And it makes me so happy that they include Pluto.

This is a sword. It came from the dollar store, and has been the cause for several sword fights. It didn't fit in the storage spaces under my bed, so it got put on the wall.

A town near home holds a Scarecrow Festival every year. My friends and I went all throughout junior high and high school, and always in costume, just for the heck of it. There were little kidgames there, and in grade 8 or 9 I won this from the fish pond.

This is my organizing wall, right above my desk. Four months of calendars; yearly, semesterly, monthly, and weekly to do lists; class schedule; sticky note reminders; and a fortune from a fortune cookie that says "you'll accomplish more if you start now" (advice every university student needs!).

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