Friday, 4 December 2009

Best of 2009: Book

What book - fiction or non - touched you? Where were you when you read it? Have you bought and given away multiple copies?

Strangely, this is actually a difficult topic for me. Any other year of my life I'd have been like "Books?! I love books! I've read so many books this year I can't even count all the books I've read this year! How am I ever going to choose just one? Or even cut the list down to a reasonable length?"

This year? Kind of the opposite, actually. I barely read any books. I mean there were plenty of books I read for school. Most of those were okay, but none were stellar enough to be a favourite. In the winter semester I'm not sure I read any books that were purely for pleasure. This semester it's only been the ones for book club, most of which were re-reads, and the two that were new to me were not good enough to make "best book of the year."

So that leaves the summer. I know I read books this summer. I made good use of the library. But I can hardly remember any of what I read.

I remember bawling my eyes out over PS, I love you. I liked Sense and Sensibility, and the copy of The Undead and Philosophy that one of my roommates picked up for me was pretty neat.

The only one that really stands out for me at all is The Graveyard Book. And not that it struck some chord with me or made me see things differently or anything. It was just a) cute, and b) well-written. Which go a long way in a book's favour, but usually it takes something more than that to become a favourite.

2009: The year of bookfail.

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Kate_TW said...

I really just discovered Neil Gaiman this year. I've been loving his books. I read him at the beach too. Anansi Boys was my fav. Sandman series is great fun....

sorry for your bookfail. I've had years like that too.