Sunday, 13 December 2009

Best of 2009: Change to the place I live

I have to say, the best change I made was living in a different place.

I loved living in res in first year. It was the best.

But last year? All my friends moved out, I got left behind, and I was too shy and anti-social to make new friends until it was getting close to the end of the year.

My floormates were less than ideal, and the people on the floor below me were mostly bros. Um, yuck.

The toilet on our floor broke about once every week or so.

And dealing with dining hall food two years in a row is more than should be asked of anyone, really.

But, come May, I moved into an apartment with two of my best friends. I love it here. This is a good place. I like the happy colours, I like having our own kitchen and our own furniture and eating what I want when I want. I even sort of enjoy walking to campus, exercise and fresh air are good things! I like barely being able to hear the neighbours, I like not having to follow campus rules, I like all of it.

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