Tuesday, 8 December 2009

In a daydream on a hill

I think I've become addicted to blogging. When I was doing NaBloPoMo, by the end I was tired of it and didn't bother with real posts. I was going to take a break, but then I found the Best of 2009 challenge. So I was going to only write on days that I liked the prompt. But I still feel compelled to write here. It's as though as soon as I didn't have to post every day, the idea of posting every day became a lot more interesting.

Anyway, things that are going on/coming up soon around here:

Two exams this week. The first, calculus, should be really easy. I love that I'm an arts student and by far my easiest course is my math class. But the other one (Witchcraft in early modern Europe) is going to be difficult - apparently this prof writes really hard exams, and there's just SO MUCH information. Blech.

A paper due next Monday that I have not started yet, have no interest in starting, don't even feel like reading through the topic list again because they're all going to sound just as lame the 5th time as they did the first.

We've got a Christmas tree! One of my roommates and I went out looking for one the last weekend of November, with no luck. We were pretty disappointed. It's one thing that's super weird about living in the city. Coming from the Christmas tree capital of the world, we're used to driving down the road until you find a tree farm, and have your pick of them. Not exactly an option within the city. So we figured that the grocery stores would have them, since they do at home (you don't buy them there, mind you, but they have them). Sobeys didn't have any, wasn't getting any, and suggested we go to the Forum. The Forum is way across town. Fine if you have a car. We are poor starving students. We do not have a car. Carrying a Christmas tree for what Google Maps says is a 45 minutes walk? Possible, but far from ideal. So we went to Superstore. They had four Christmas trees, all of which were too big and too expensive for us. We asked inside if they were getting any more and they said no, but told us that most years someone sets up to sell trees in their parking lot, so maybe check back the following week. This past Friday, we went back, and sure enough, there were trees for sale! We were so happy. The guy showed us one, and it was just right, and he said "this one's $20, but I'll give it to you for $15." Perfect! We carried it home, singing Christmas carols, and got wished an emphatic Merry Christmas by one fellow we passed. It's the prettiest little tree, and I love it.

A Christmas party on Sunday! I'm so excited. We're hoping to have a whole house full of people, and there's going to be food and music and cider and everything Christmassy. I'm heading out in a little bit to pick up gingerbread decorations, candy canes, and other food-like necessities. I love Christmas.

Also, if you don't already, go listen to A Fine Frenzy. I am in love. Haven't listened to anything else in about a week, no joke.

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Loud said...

I know what you mean about this "daily posting" thing, and I haven't even been doing it a week yet. It's...addictive?

A Fine Frenzy is very good, although I think I like "Blow Away" more than anything else she does.