Monday, 7 December 2009

Om nom nom nom!

I don't have an eating problem.

...until I get stressed out or upset. Then I'm out to the kitchen to get a snack every hour or so.

My head aches, I should get a snack.

I feel tired, I should get a snack.

I'm crying, I deserve a snack.

I hate studying, I should have a snack.

Writing papers is dumb, I should have a snack.

And so on. Any excuse at all will do. I just have this need to constantly consume food, and I do not understand it. Food will not solve any of those problems, except on the rare occasion that I actually am tired because I need to consume some energy. So why do I continue to believe that stuffing my face with empty calories will somehow make me feel better?

I don't know. But my roommate just made cookies, and there's one out there calling my name, so if you'll excuse me...

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