Thursday, 7 January 2010

Although I think that Christmas break should have been longer than it was, it is sort of nice to get back to having a routine. I like routine. I like schedules. I like having time limits. It's nice.

I think this semester should go quite well. As hectic as it was to take an extra course last semester, it makes only having 5 courses seem extremely unstressful, which is great. I may even find myself looking for things to fill my time with. Most of my classes are the same for the semester, but a couple changed. I'm taking a course called "Opera and the Ideas of the Enlightenment" which I'm pretty excited about, as well as "16th Century French Literature" which should be pretty neat.

Things I've accomplished in 101/1001:

41. Write a letter to myself to be read upon graduation.

Complete! And in the middle drawer under my bed, dear self a year and a half from now when I go looking for it.

21. Fill a journal/notebook/diary.

Started on Sunday; it's a pretty green one that I got for Christmas. I've filled four pages thus far.

42. Leave a positive post-it note in every library book I borrow.

I returned four library books on Monday, all with post-its.

28. Try 10 new restaurants.

I went to The Spartan Grill for the first time on Tuesday. Delicious souvlaki and roast potatoes, and very cozy atmosphere.

14. Donate 50 000 grains of rice on Free Rice.

At 4000 thus far, and greatly improving my knowledge of global geography.

71. Make a list of 101 things that make me happy.

At 33 thus far; and it is somewhat more difficult than I expected it would be.

99. Save $1 for every task completed.

Did this for number 41 when I finished it. I need to get a jar or something to put the money; I have a feeling that leaving a loonie lying on my dresser won't accomplish much.

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