Friday, 8 January 2010

Dirty Three

Dirty Three is my latest musical discovery. One of my courses this year is a French course on writing. The first day back, instead of having us write a real thing with all sorts of crazy restrictions like we usually do, our prof decided to go easy on us and do something a little different to get back into the habit.

She played us Dirty Three's album Ocean Songs and told us to write whatever it inspired us to. She didn't tell us the name of the band or album until the end of class, though, so that it wouldn't influence us. We paused partway through the class and she asked us what the music made us think of. It was sort of interesting, some people had ocean things, some had things related to land, others came up with cowboys. For me, it was an epic slow-motion battle where you know you're not going to win and the hero was just killed and all hope is lost...

I really like them, though, so I came home and groovesharked up a Dirty Three playlist. I think that Ocean Songs is still my favourite album of theirs. It's really good music for background noise - I can't do anything in silence or with music that has lyrics, because they're both equally distracting. It's really relaxing music. If you stop and really listen to it, though, the emotions conveyed through the music are incredibly powerful. Listening to it in class that first time, at times the music was so melancholy that it felt as though someone had punched me in the gut.

So yeah, there's that. My take on Dirty Three. I recommend giving them a listen, even if it's just for the initial emotional response and then you never listen to them again.

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