Sunday, 17 January 2010

Tell Her About It

Busy day. Went apartment hunting with current/future roommate and future roommate. Found a place we like; putting in an application. Fingers crossed.

Had lunch out with same. Always forget that other people's poached eggs have runny yolks. Yuck. Nice time, though. Love people watching.

Did a million online math assignments this afternoon. Then had serious conversation with roommate about life and the future. Things decided:

1. Growing up is hard because you have to try to foresee too far ahead. Not "I can live in this apartment for a year" or "I can work this job for a summer" or "I can study this subject at this university for four years" but "I can live here long enough to pay off the mortgage on it" or "I will be happy with this career for the rest of my life." Hard.

2. Life is meaningless. You go to school so you can get a job so you can make money so you can afford food and shelter so you can stay alive so you can go to work so you can make money...

3. Greatness occurs in those who find meaning.

Spent much of evening on phone with parents. Roamed kitchen looking for snack and ended up having baking/music/dancing party with roommate, resulting in biscuits and cookies. Yum!

Other thing accomplished today: created a flickr account. Another item off the 101 in 1001 list. You can find it here.

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