Sunday, 21 February 2010


I am at home. I like home. I like my family. I like my cat. I both like and dislike being this lazy. But overall, it is good. It's study break, and I'm taking a break. I wish I was more motivated to get more things done, but I'm just having a hard time staying focused. I'm going to be upset with myself later. Right now I don't care.

In other news... let's talk for a sec about my 101 in 1001 list.

#4 Talk to one (or more) of dad's lawyer friends. Completed on Friday. I am slowly becoming more and more convinced that this is what I'm going to do. Which is scary. This friend of my dad's was really good. She emphasized the fact that law school in itself is a really great experience, and the fact that having a law degree is really useful even if you end up in a career that is completely and totally unrelated to law. A law degree is one of those things that people look at and say "oh, you have a law degree, you must be really smart and you know how to think and analyze and stuff." Which is something I guess I was sort of aware of before but hadn't really actually taken into consideration.

#54 Try bubble tea. Also completed on Friday. To celebrate the beginning of reading week, one of my roommates and I went to one of the bubble tea shops in our area. I really like the tea part; I was less keen on the bubble part. I had coconut flavour, and it was really delicious. The boba balls were, well, interesting. At first they were strange but not unpleasant. After a while the texture started to be gross, though. I think this was maybe because we were in a bit of a hurry to finish before our parents came to take us home. I perhaps need to try it again when I have more time.

Sunday, 14 February 2010

I want to be the very best, like no one ever was

Friday night I was invited over to a friends place to watch the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics. I have mixed feelings on the Olympics in general, and on the Opening/Closing Ceremonies, but I'm going to set those aside for a minute. Perhaps another post in the near future.

The thing that I couldn't help but think, while I was watching the ceremonies, was that dammit, I want to be good at something. Really good at something. Like, really really good. I don't have to be world's best or anything. Just really really good.

And it's not just because of the world's best athletes. It was the incredible choreographers and dancers and composers and musicians and everything. It was all amazing. There are so many talented people in the world, and I'm just not one of them.

The only thing I've ever really been good at is school, and since coming to university, not even that anymore. I guess I get praised for being really good at taking minutes, but like, really? That's such a lame thing to be really good at. I also don't super-love doing it, and what's the point of being good at something you don't love?

The little voice that wants me to be happy says "It's okay, you're really good at being you! And that's all that matters." I know I should listen to it, but damn. I want to be amazing.

Saturday, 13 February 2010

Updates on 101 in 1001 and life in general

101 in 1001:

#30: Cook 10 new dishes. I brought my total here up to 3 by making tomato chickpea pasta. It's a slow cooker recipe found in one of the Company's Coming cookbooks. It turned out quite well I thought, especially given my recipe substitutions - I'm pretty sure when they said "non-alcoholic wine" they probably meant actually cooking wine and not the de-alcoholized sparkling rose wine that my non-drinker roommate bought for New Year's Eve. It still worked, though, so there you go.

#37: Go to 5 plays. Last weekend was the King's Fringe Festival, so I went to see 2 blocks of plays, which varied from the very good to the very funny to the very (very very) bad. Technically I saw well over enough plays to fulfill the requirements of this one, but since they were all quite short, I'm going to count each block as one play and say I'm at 2 out of 5.

#89: Participate in a trivia night. Completed! Last Saturday the Computer Science Society held a trivia night. Since I'm friends with a bunch of Comp Sci majors, one of whom is the president of that society, my roommate and I were invited along. It was a lot more difficult than I had expected. Definitely way too much current events for me to do particularly well, but we had fun nonetheless. We did come in second, only one point back, in one round - the books round.

So speaking of the books round. One question was "who is the best-selling children's author of all time?" They specified that it was not JK Rowling because not all of her books are considered children's literature. So my team spent a while debating between Dr. Seuss and Beatrix Potter. Since the last question was about Dr. Seuss, we decided to go with Beatrix Potter. At the end of the round they went over the answers. The correct response to this one? R.L. Stine. This disgusts me. According to wikipedia and my mental math, he has written somewhere in the area of 450 books, mostly in the past 20 or 25 years. That is well over a book a month. There is no way those books are well-written. And given that they are nearly all in the children/teen horror genre, I'm sure that at this point he's basically telling the same stories over and over and over again with slight changes. It just makes me so sad that this drivel is what the minds of our future generations are being nourished with. Also, he looks creepy.

In other news, hey look! The French Department has a blog for student work. Hey look! One of the first posts is something of mine! Woohoo!

Sunday, 7 February 2010

Honest Scrap

I was tagged a couple of days ago by Johnny Pez for the "Honest Scrap Award," which means that I'm now supposed to reveal 10 little-known facts about myself, and then tag 7 more unsuspecting fools to do the same thing. So here we go with the facts:

1. As a kid I was in gymnastics and majorettes; I won the "Miss Friendship" award in majorettes.
2. At the end of first year I considered transferring schools and becoming a math major (I'm glad I didn't).
3. I have only left the Atlantic Provinces 3 times in my life.
4. I don't actually like movies that much most of the time; I tend to get bored.
5. I hate quitting anything, even down to finishing reading a book that's really awful.
6. When I think about my future, all I know for sure is that I want to have a pumpkin patch.
7. It makes me sad to think that someday my cell phone will break or get lost or something, and I will never again be able to buy a basic phone that just makes phone calls and sends text messages and almost nothing else.
8. I hate cold showers more than probably anything else.
9. I'm not that crazy about being outside unless the weather is really nice (or really bad, actually).
10. I drink an absurd amount of water; probably above 4 litres a day.

As for blogs I'm tagging, the only blogfriend I have who posts on a regular basis (aside from Johnny Pez, who I'm not going to retag) is Loud. So I tag him, and anyone else who feels like doing it.

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Law School? Law School?!

I have accomplished one more goal off of my 101 in 1001 list: #3 Talk to an advisor at Dal Law School. I had a meeting yesterday with the Director of Admissions and Career Development.

Things I learned:

Getting in is not as hard as I had previously expected. Actually it sounds like I could get in pretty much no problem, unless I were to do very badly on the LSAT.

There are totally a ton of career options outside of being a lawyer lawyer at a law firm. Which is cool, because I don't want to be a lawyer lawyer at a law firm. There are even a lot of options in public interest and social justice areas. Except, they're really competitive and you generally have to do unpaid internships for a while and it helps if you move to places like Toronto and Ottawa and Washington and I really like Nova Scotia.

I'm still unconvinced about this whole law school thing. Especially since it feels like I mentioned it once or twice and before I could blink I've practically applied already. I still don't know what I want to do. I think law school would be interesting. I think a law-related career would be interesting for a little while. I'm not convinced I would be happy with it for the rest of my life. I'm not convinced I would be happy with anything for the rest of my life.

Growing up is hard. Making decisions is hard. I don't like this.

But at least now I have more of the information I need in order to make a decision. Which is a good first step.

Also my dad has told me my entire life that he could see me going into lawyer and I never ever agreed with him and now it's pretty much happening and I kind of feel like I have to just because it would make my parents happy. Which makes me not want to do it just so that I can make my own decisions. Which makes it difficult to figure out whether or not I actually do or do not want to do this. Agh.

Monday, 1 February 2010

Hourly Comic Day

Today is hourly comic day, a thing that John Campbell does. He's the guy who makes pictures for sad children, which is probably my favourite webcomic (of the three I read. Yeah.). He does this hourly comic thing every day in January, but then February first is an 'everyone does it' day. I'm doing it, and you should too!

I did this last year and it ended up being a really good day for it (fire alarms, plate-breaking, and Fringe plays, oh my!). This year is off to a good start, with the second hour being about waking up early because I dreamt that a friend was chasing me through a parking lot and then knocked me down and stabbed me.

So yeah. Comics. Hourly ones. Yay.