Wednesday, 31 March 2010

101 in 1001 update

In March I accomplished:

86. Finish making this list. Yup, it now actually has 101 items!

That's only two things, and I'm supposed to accomplish 3 per month. Since I was ahead already in the first two months, it still works out to three per month and one extra. Also, it turns out I accomplished enough parts of things to make up almost one full item.

Parts of things: I went to 3 new restaurants (Pilot's Pub, Curry Village, and Sushi Nami). I went to see a bunch of short plays as part of the Dal New Play Festival, which, as with Fringe Festival before, I will count as one play. I watched two Disney movies (Pinocchio and The Princess and the Frog). I spent an afternoon at Point Pleasant Park. And, oh yeah, I did NaBloPoMo. All of which add up to ~0.97 items, which is darn close to one. So I basically did 3 things this month.

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