Monday, 1 March 2010

But now that the Olympics are over, what will I do?

I really can't say that I'm a sports fan. But once every two years (or, to be more precise, alternating intervals of a year-and-a-half and two-and-a-half years), the Olympics just take over. This year, they were incredible. A-ma-zing. I cannot even write a coherent post on my feelings, so here's a list-thing!


The opening ceremonies. All of them. They were super-cool.

Alexandre Bilodeau's medal. When the announcer says "this great nation has finally won gold on home soil!" (Yes I know we've only had two other chances. But winning zero golds is still not a thing we should do, ever, regardless of where we are.)

Jon Montgomery jumping onto the gold medal podium with both feet. That made me laugh all of the twelve thousand times they replayed it.

Clara Hughes' interview after she won bronze. She was asked if she considered herself the greatest Canadian athlete. Which was a ridiculous question. If she'd said "yes", she would have instantly proven herself wrong by being immodest and therefore un-Canadian. But anyway. Her answer about how there were so many wonderful people in Canada and she just considered herself a Canadian maybe brought tears to my eyes a little bit.

Canada taking gold and silver in women's bobsleigh.

Joannie Rochette's bronze medal. Well-deserved.

Charles and Francois Hamelin being on the podium together for their gold medal in the relay.

The men's curling team being undefeated.

Sidney Crosby with the game-winning goal.

Walking around downtown after the hockey game last night. The yelling. The screaming. High-fiving everyone else who was out wandering around. The car horns honking. Cheering Ca-na-da! Ca-na-da! Singing the national anthem. Spring Garden Road CLOSED OFF because there were just so many people in the streets. That was one of the more crazy-awesome things I've ever experienced.

Canada winning more gold medals than any country has won in the Winter Games ever before!

Joannie Rochette being the flag-bearer for the closing ceremonies.

Fixing the cauldron so that Catriona Le May Doan would finally get her chance to light it. That was well done.

Sochi's performance with the conductor in Vancouver and the Orchestra in Moscow and the skaters in Sochi. That was really neat. Technology is cool sometimes.

This feeling of national pride that I'm finding everywhere I turn...


The fact that all the sports are men's sports, but some are women's and others are ladies'. Dear IOC: Grow up already. Either make them all women's, or change the ones that are ladies' to also be gentlemen's.

The over-competitive country-bashing negativity on some of the facebook status chat-things at Totally inappropriate. Not at all what the games are about.

The attitude a lot of people had that if we didn't win a hockey game it didn't matter how many other medals we had. That is so belittling to all the other athletes, and again, so not what the games are about.

The VANOC guy's French pronunciation in his closing speech. Yikes. Sorry pal, but you were sort of an embarrassment to the country.


The choice of music for the closing ceremony concert. I'm fine with the people who sang in the actual ceremony; Neil Young and Michael Buble and all those cats are pretty great. I mean the afterward thing with Nickelback, Avril Lavigne, Simple Plan, Hedley, K-os, etc. What was that? As one of my roommates said, it's almost as if they chose the band line-up when it was announced that Vancouver would be host. On the one hand I like to think that this was going along with the whole "having a sense of humour thing" with the giant beavers and the floating moose, but then they're making fun of those artists. Which is fine when I do it, but I'm not sure it's appropriate in a venue like that? But if they were for reals with them being appropriate representatives of Canadian music, then yikes. Not good.

Overall though. A lot more likes than dislikes. Really, really, really good. I am proud of our country right now. Really proud.

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