Sunday, 7 March 2010

It's a beautiful day, don't let it get away.

Yesterday was the most beautiful day we've had around here in quite some time. And today is shaping up to be more of the same!

I love these early early spring days. I like being able to open my window to get some fresh air in here. Yesterday just felt like such a spring cleaning day, I dusted and swept and mopped and everything feels so much better now.

I went for a walk down around Point Pleasant Park yesterday. I love that park. It's like a little corner of home that got tacked onto the edge of the city. I love to be surrounded by trees rather than buildings, and to have something other than pavement and cement under my feet. I sat by the ocean for a while, just to see it, just to hear it. I realized that my apartment is the farthest I have ever lived from moving water (either ocean or river) and that is sort of sad. I know it's only about a half hour walk, but it still seems far. Anyway, I had a lovely time at the park (and +1 to 101/1001 goal #88).

It was also one of those days when it was just too nice out to sit down and eat a full meal, so I spent all day snacking. On Friday, roomie J's mom brought us banana bread, and I had cooked falafel (+1 to #30) and baked bread, so there was lots of snackable food. And then I had a strawberry-banana-chocolate smoothie, which was pretty much the most delicious thing imaginable.

I tried to do a little homework in the early evening, but then friends called me up. We went out for dinner and then hung out at their place and watched Hook, which is a fantastic movie. Walking home at 1 am wearing a dress wasn't too cold. I think spring must be on its way.

Sadly, this beautiful day will mostly be spent in a meeting, but I guess that at least guarantees me being outside long enough to walk there and back.


Mitchell said...

You made falafel?? Aww you should've said something e.g. "MITCHELL THERE'S FALAFEL AT MY HOUSE WHERE I LIVE NOM." How'd it turn out?

gnomesque said...

If I make it again, I'll be sure to let you know! It actually turned out quite well. I was pleased with myself. I just need to work on perfecting cooking time - the first ones weren't cooked enough, and then there were a few perfect ones before I started erring towards overcooked. I guess I'll just have to practice by making some more!

PS - I still haven't seen your guinea pigs. I keep getting told I should.