Friday, 5 March 2010


Back in October/November, I participated in the King's Memoir Project. This group paired up students interested in writing with seniors who wanted to tell their stories. It was a very interesting and, for me, somewhat difficult project, though I'm very glad I took part in it.

They took the sixteen short memoirs that were completed and printed them in a small book simply titled Anthology. Last night there was a small release party for it. All of the seniors came to King's, and a few of the students read from the completed works. It was a really nice little get-together.

When I got home from it, I immediately settled in and read straight through the little book. All of them were so interesting. It seems like they all moved across the world several times, and fall madly wildly in love, and went off to war or had their husband go to the war, and raised a family through incredible hardship, and just did all sorts of amazing things. I know that maybe none of those things were easy to do or to live through, but dang. It makes for a good story.

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