Wednesday, 24 March 2010


I know it's way late, but how about the weekend, yeah?

Friday evening I went to see some plays in the Dal New Play Festival, or whatever it was called. They were for the most part enjoyable. I came home and read for a while, then stayed up late watching 500 Days of Summer with roomie J and her two sisters who were visiting for the night.

Saturday I laid outside in the sun for 5 hours while doing homework. Twenty degrees in March, absolutely unbelievable. Hurrah for global warming? Our friend T., who is away doing Katimavik, brought his group to Halifax for a visit this weekend, so Saturday evening we went out to dinner with them and then chilled for a while and then played Rock Band.

Sunday afternoon I went to the shortest KSU Council meeting of the year, and then in the evening went to hang out with MM, DC, PS, and TE, and watched a couple episodes of a very messed up show, and then Paris, je t'aime. Which was just as good as the first time, except with less crying (less crying from me, anyway).

All in all, a wonderful weekend.


BrightenedBoy said...

I loved 500 Days of Summer, but the title character irritated me to no end.

She really is a self-centered, heartless harpy.

BrightenedBoy said...


20 degrees for you would be 68 degrees for us, and it definitely isn't bad this time of year.