Saturday, 22 May 2010


So the point about my job is that I hate it. A lot.

I've never really had a job I liked. I've had lots that were okay and I didn't mind too much. This is the first one I've actually hated. But I've never had one that I really liked and found absolutely great. I kind of had hoped that by the time I was one year away from graduating I would have at least an inkling of an idea of some things I like doing, rather than just eliminating options I don't like. Office assistant, not so much; accounting, no thanks; research is alright but not the best; library was the best of them but still not super duper awesomest.

I wonder if I'll ever find anything that I both enjoy doing and am good at. /whine.

In related news, LSAT day is coming up in just over two weeks, which is mildly terrifying when I can be bothered to think about it. I know I need to study (need to need to need to neeeeeeeeed to) but it's summerrrr and I don't wannaaaaaa! Sigh. My most recent practice test scores are good enough to get me in at Dal, which is the most important part, but a higher LSAT score means increased scholarship chances, and it would nice to not be in debt for the entire rest of my life. Therefore, I need to study. Which is not easy when it's a long weekend and a bajillion degrees outside. And no rain in the forecast.

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