Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Randomness from the Internet

Baby sloths are THE CUTEST EVER. Proof. (from The Amphibian Avenger, found via EPBOT). Baby sloth with giraffe toy = squeeeeee! And I am not a girl who squees frequently.

Neato picture of Atlantis and the ISS in front of the sun (via thinkgeek's Twitter feed).

Controversial-ish thing in my city these days: Roundabouts! Lots of them! In like, downtown, populated areas! Agh! I was outraged about this at first. Roundabouts are not pedestrian friendly. Are not. But I guess my only real experience with roundabouts is the Armdale rotary-turned-roundabout which is just a nightmare for everyone, I think. This article convinced me to accept that perhaps this will be alright. As long as they make nice friendly roundabouts like the one in their picture, and not nightmares like the Armdale thinger. (side note: spacingatlantic is a super interesting blog. They have a podcast too. I approve of this whole dealie)

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Loud said...

I generally subscribe to the idea that any change which makes the place I live more like Europe is a Good Thing. Hence, roundabouts? Decidedly a Good Thing.

...of course, in a historical context this is a pretty problematic viewpoint. But it is inarguable that Europeans have had much longer to master the art of urban design (at least as far as the Western concept of "city" goes, insert politically correct disclaimer here)