Thursday, 24 June 2010

Hey Mainstream Media, I am...

Okay, so. There's this girl, her name is Jamie Keiles. She is 18 and just graduated from high school in Pennsylvania. For the past month, she's been running this blog, which documents her progress in living her life according to Seventeen Magazine for a month.

For 18, this girl is smart, and a hell of a critical thinker. She's picking up on things in this magazine that I still wouldn't pick up on at 20. So you should go and read the archives of her blog for some neat thoughts on feminism, beuaty, trends, media, etc.

But the real thing I want to post about is the wrap-up project that she's doing. It's reader-participatory! You can read her for-reals instructions here, but basically you take a picture of yourself with a sign that finishes the sentence "Hey Mainstream Media, I am..." and upload it to the flickr pool. I think you should get involved!

Here's my contribution:

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