Thursday, 10 June 2010

L'Île du Silence

I'm currently in the process of reading L'Île des Gauchers by Alexandre Jardin. It'sa very interesting novel - basically about a man who's an awful husband who takes his wife to this island where there's a society founded by some French guys that is all about love and being a happy couple.

The premise in itself is interesting, and it's rather humorous, but the thing that strikes me the most, so far is the "Island of Silence." This is a smaller island nearby where no one is allowed to speak. It's where couples go to get past words and learn to read each others body language and get to a deeper level of communication.

I could live on that island, I think, forever.

As any of you who know me are aware, I am not by nature a talker. I am more than willing to let other people carry the conversation and just listen. Oral communication is just not my deal. I am all about the body language. Sometimes people are talking and I just want to scream for them to shut up and pay attention to my important and meaningful silences.

That would be absurd, of course, because if everyone was paying attention to my silences I would be too conscious of them for them to be meaningful. But the idea of having someone actually participate in a totally silent conversation with me, on my own level of communication? I think that would be amazing. I don't think it will ever happen - I think if it did I would be too awed/amused to even do it properly - but it would be pretty neat.

I wonder what we'd not talk about.

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