Tuesday, 6 July 2010

101 in 1001 Update for the second half of June

In the latter part of this month I completed three goals, all of which I have already blogged about.

First, I finished #12, Attend a pow wow. This also took out 3 days of #50, Spend 10 days volunteering.

Then I completed #97, Score higher than 160 on the LSAT, and #63, Renew my scholarship for 4th year at pretty much the same time.

Also, I'm making some changes. My four exercise goals that were all "do x 20 times per day for a month, 3 months" have all been changed to "do x 20 times per day for a week, 12 weeks." I'm still doing basically the same amount over all. It's just hard to do a whole month without getting interrupted by something.

I actually have no idea what I may or may not accomplish in July, so this should be, er, exciting.

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