Monday, 5 July 2010

An Enormous Week, Part IV: Canada Day

Thursday came along, bringing with it Canada Day. The day started early. Roomie J and some co-workers were going to tour some of the ships that were in for Fleet Week, and I was invited along (mainly because Roomie J didn't want to be stuck with nerdy boys all day). We were going to see the USS Wasp, which is a friggin' enormous aircraft carrier, but the Commanding Officer decided at the last minute that for no apparent reason, he just wasn't letting any tours on that day. So instead we settled for the HMCS Athabaskan. It was pretty cool, I guess, although not nearly as interesting as Roomie J's co-workers seemed to think it was.

We grabbed some lunch, during which the boys continued to talk about ships and war and more ships and more war and blah blah blah. They went on to look at more ships, but Roomie J and I figured they would all be more or less the same, so we split off to go find other adventures. We checked out the Commons because we'd heard there was stuff going on there, but "stuff" turned out to be bouncy rides for small children. Then we took in the end of a concert at the Public Gardens. It was decent throughout; but at the very end the lead singer said that her dad had just died the day before and she was performing because it was what he would have wanted, and her family wanted her to do it, and then she sang "What a Wonderful World" in his memory and it was beautiful. I had a lot of respect for her.

It surprises me somewhat that Halifax doesn't have more to do. Back home there's a street festival in Lunenburg, then Bridgewater has various acts at the bandstand all day plus some more street vendors, and a street dance I've never gone to in the evening, and then fireworks. Halifax - you can look at boats, do kiddie stuff, listen to a short concert of oldies, go get drunk, or go to the later concert that was too late for people who get up at early hours of the morning. Why is there nothing, I don't know, interesting? You've really let me down, city.

Anyway, after that we came home and ate corn and barbecued potatoes and generally bummed around until it was time for fireworks. Halifax also does not do fireworks right. They have some impressive ones, to be sure, but they send them all up at the same time so you don't have time to appreciate them. Also they're really far away and therefore not nearly loud enough.

All in all it was not nearly as lame as I make it sound. There was a lot of delicious food, if nothing else. And I do like the city when it's busy and all the people are out walking and smiling and looking like they're having a good time. Also, I heart Canada.

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