Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Going back in time a bit from yesterday's post, I was at home for this past weekend. I thought I had been having a pretty good summer, and wasn't super keen on going home and missing out on Hali-happenings, but as soon as I got there I was so glad I did.

Friday night I spent the whole evening having a fire with my parents. My dad just finished making this beautiful fire circle that he's been working on for at least two years now. It's set back in the woods a bit, with a stone wall built around it except for where the path enters. There are solar-powered lanterns along each side of the path and around the inside of the wall, with solar-powered lights strung around the one tree in the centre of the circle. Then there's beautiful wooden furniture for sitting on. We sat out there all evening cooking food over the fire and talking. My parents told stories of when they were in university, which are always my favourite stories.

Saturday morning we got up and went to the Hubbards Farmer's Market. It's not nearly as big or interesting as the Halifax Farmer's Market, but I still like it. It's held at the Hubbards Barn and Community Park, which is a wonderful place. The barn is big and beautiful and the gardens outside are absolutely lovely. Mom said that it gets rented out for wedding receptions pretty much every Saturday evening, and everyone who's been to one says that it's absolutely amazing when they have it all decorated up. I could totally have a wedding reception there. Future husband, be warned: must be open to the possibility of barns.

We picked up breakfast at the market (chocolate covered oat cakes, yum!), and then dropped dad off at home while mom and I went shopping. She took me to get pretty things and food, which are my two favourite things to shop for. After that we went home and had lunch on the deck of the other yummies we got at market: fresh multi-grain bread, smoked salmon, and cherry tomatoes in a variety of colours. Summer food is the best.

Mom and I went to the beach for the afternoon, and then she and dad went to a barbecue with some friends while I stayed home for the early evening and then headed out to a movie with my friends. We saw Inception, which was really good, although I would not say it lived up to the hype everyone was giving it. Good movie, but in my books not worthy of "omg best movie evars it will blow your minds go see it nowwwww!"

Sunday was a lazier day; we stayed home and read and made food (yemista with lemon potatoes, have I mentioned I love food?) and watched tv and cleaned. We went to a movie in the evening because mom really wanted to see Despicable Me. It was cute, and funny in places, but probably won't go down in the books as a great children's classic or anything. We went home and ate delicious cheesecake and lemon chiffon.

Then in the morning I had to come back. Such is life.

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