Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Good Online Reading

I feel like I've come across a lot of good reading material here on the internet lately, so I thought I'd share some of what I've been reading.

Teenagerie. This is a brand new project by Jamie Keiles, the girl who did the Seventeen Magazine Project, which I wrote about here. According to her own description, Teengaerie is "1: a collective set of media representations defining society's understanding of the exotic condition known as adolescence 2: a blog meant to analyze, deconstruct, and promote discussion centered around these representations." I know I (and most of my readers that I know about) aren't exactly teenagers any more, but we're not that far off (only 2 years older than Ms. Keiles), and a lot of her criticism of media is actually applicable outside of teen culture.

Spacing Atlantic. I've mentioned Spacing a couple of times before, but I don't think I've said a whole lot about it in any amount of detail. Spacing Atlantic is "dedicated to engaging readers with the urban environments of Canada’s Atlantic provinces." They post about transportation, public spaces, community development, and community events. I didn't realized how interesting urban development was until I started reading this blog. I recommend it quite highly. Spacing also has sites for Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal, with Vancouver coming soon, as well as a podcast and a print publication.

Unphotographable. This is a beautiful blog that I discovered quite recently. It was started by Michael David Murphy, a photographer/writer, during a trip to Ethiopia on which he was told that taking photographs was considered not culturally-sensitive, and not a good idea in many communities. So instead he began Unphotographable, where he captured all of the picture picture moments in words instead of images. He has continued the blog ever since, and the entries range from the beautiful to the bizarre. Updates are generally sporadic and brief.

Happle Tea. I can't believe I somehow haven't shared this one yet; I've been reading Happle Tea for ages now. It is my most favourite webcomic ever. Its tagline "a webcomic about mythology and other things" is pretty much the best descriptor. It is often based on mythology, but sometimes mythology-inspired literature such as The Lord of the Rings, and sometimes history, and sometimes it's just about owls. It's usually about the main character Lil K, but sometimes it's not. Regardless, it always makes me laugh, and the author/artist Scott Maynard always includes a fun/interesting bit of accompanying writing which varies from explanation of obscurer myths to social diatribes.

Captain Estar Goes to Heaven. This is an online graphic novel. It is a little bit dark and disturbing. But it's really good. Captain Estar is a contract killer, and she wants to die but is not quite suicidal enough. She gets kidnapped and taken to Heaven, and what happens afterwards is the most interesting part.

That's the cream of the crop on my end. What have you been reading lately?

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