Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Just Your Typical Evening

The playground was locked. We had ogled it on our way to and from class every day for the past year. Finally, we decided to trek back off the road to check it out. It was even better up close. There was even that Holy Grail of playground equipment: a tire swing. Better yet, the gate was even unlocked. To our dismay, there was a second gate, which was quite thoroughly locked. So we moved on.

On the way to our second-choice playground, we made the discovery of the summer. Tennis courts. Free for public use. Just a 5-10 minute walk from our apartment. With hardly anyone there. Likelihood of playing tennis is now greatly increased, since it no longer involves walking all the way to the Commons and then waiting for a court and then schmucking our errant balls into the middle of someone else's game.

Passing the tennis courts brought us to playground number two which, although accessible, was still a bitter disappointment. Their monkey bars were set up oddly, and none of their other play stuff was any good, and they had but one single swing. What kind of elementary school has a playground with just one swing? Mind-boggling.

We took a shortcut path back to the street and ended up coming out lower on that street than we had ever ventured before. On our way back up it toward home, we happened upon a third and completely unexpected playground. It was a wooden one too; I love wooden playgrounds best of all. The gate (what is with playgrounds being locked up around here?) stood wide open, so we rushed toward it excitedly - only to notice at the last minute the sign that said "Members only." Members of what, we weren't sure, but that's probably a good indication that we aren't members of it.

Having exhausted our local playground options, we meandered along. There was a cat sitting on someone's doorstep, so we stopped to pet him. He was friendly, so we stuck around for a while, and ended up sitting on this strangers stoop petting their cat and talking for quite some time. All of a sudden, we hear noise in the house of someone coming toward us. We bolted off that step and tried to walk casually away, glancing behind us to see a lady holding the cat and staring after us.

We decided to take the long way home because we weren't quite ready yet. The long way involves walking past a cemetery, and we were mildly curious about one of the big grave monuments. Not curious enough to walk all the way around to the gate. Just curious enough to crawl under the gap in the fence that I happened to notice. By this time it was after dark, but still we wandered around the cemetery, looked at all the big monuments, deciphered the old engravings by feel moreso than sight, and tried to determine how all the people buried under them were related. Just as we were beginning to get bored and feel like it was time to be heading home, we had an run-in with a couple of large white seashells - a disconcerting sight in a graveyard after dark from a bit of a distance. We decided it was definitely time to be getting home. Of course, this was just as a couple of guys were walking by our fence-gap, who made grave-robber jokes at us.

We cartwheeled our way through the Sobey's parking lot, and arrived home. Roomie C must have felt like going to Candy Mountain or stealing some kidneys or something, because the second we were inside, he greeted us with a cry of "shun the non-believer!" Of course, this left me no choice but to defend my believer status with a rendition of Smashmouth's "I'm a believer," which led to a roommate sing-a-long dance party.

But this is all just a typical day for us.

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