Friday, 30 July 2010

This is my 300th post, and it is a gnome-tastic celebration!

The fact that I've written 300 posts here over the past 3 years is occasionally the only reason I don't ditch this blog and build a shiny new one with a brand new title and design.

Today, however, I'll spread some gnome lovin'! Because this blog is all about the gnomes.

In case you forgot, here's the link to my gnome story, which I shared at the Johnny Pez Blog as part of last November's NaBloPoMo blog swap.

Here's a Happle Tea comic about gnomes. Because I love gnomes. They're from the ground.

Here's a tiny gnome knitted by Anna of Mochimochiland. All of her tiny things are adorable. Seriously adorable. Actually most of her non-tiny things are adorable too. If you like adorable knitted things, you should read her blog. She also made a factory which turns pandas into gnomes (no wonder they're endangered!).

That depletes my store of gnominess, but a quick Etsy search turned up all of these gnome-y goodies, plus much more!

See? Aren't gnomes just the best? Hooray for gnomes!

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