Tuesday, 24 August 2010

I've lived my entire life in fear of September.

This week it suddenly feels like September. It's been downright chilly out when I left for work the last two mornings. Since I'm really not looking forward to September, I decided to try to come up with some reasons why I do look forward to the dread month.

1. I will be done with my shitty god-awful job. Forever. Thank fucking goodness.

2. Friends who spend their summers in silly non-Halifax places come back!

3. No more fruit flies. This is actually a bigger deal than you might think. We've had absolute swarms at times this summer.

4. Although there are a lot of big decisions to be made this year (honoursthesisomg, law school yes/no?, if yes where?, if no then what?, etc.), September brings me all that much closer to having decisions made and therefore feeling better about life.

5. TV starts up again. This means new episodes of Glee and Big Bang Theory. Yay!

What else should I look forward to this fall? What do you look forward to/dread about September?

Thursday, 19 August 2010

The Best Weekend of Summer. Possibly the Year.

This weekend will be the third annual backwoods camping trip for my group of high school friends. For me, this camping trip is always one of the highlights of the year.

It's a long hike in to the site with a lot of gear to be carried. It's hard and it's painful. I'm always the slowest and I always feel like I'm a huge weakling. But then once I'm done I feel like such a tank.


I love being far far away from the city noises and the city smells and the city sights and just being surrounded by trees and lake and sky.

Definitely not the city

I love getting to see stars. The first year we went, we sat on some rocks at the edge of the lake until one or two in the morning and just looked at the stars and had quiet conversation. The sky was so clear and the lake was so still that I remember thinking the reflection of the stars on the water looked like some sort of fairy lights, or a trick by the mermaids to lure you in to your death, or something.

I love the friends I go with. I love the ridiculous shenanigans we always get up to. I love swimming, and I love camp food.

I know it doesn't look like it, but this is totally a shenanigan. We just hiked out of the woods during Hurricane Bill. Then we went swimming. Also, food!

More food!

I love that we all work together as a real team, for everything: the planning, the carrying, the setting up, the cooking, the packing up.

The team.

I am so excited for this weekend. Super super so excited. Just one more sleep.

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

University Stories

The last time that I went home for a visit, I sat around the campfire with my parents while they told me stories from their university days. These is a not-infrequent topic of conversation for them any time the family gets around a fire, and I love it.

On this most recent occasion, though, I found myself wondering, "what stories will I tell about my university years?"

I sort of feel like I don't have very many stories to tell. There are certainly a few that stand out, but for the most part, my university experience thus far feels like a bit of blur. Maybe 20-odd years from now enough of the blur will have faded that I can pick out a few details to make into good stories.

Hopefully I'm not just boring.

Monday, 16 August 2010

What I've Been Up To Lately

-Volunteering at Halifax International Busker Festival
-Watching the buskers
-Eating tasty food
-Planning this weekend's camping trip
-Learning about make-up (yeah yeah, I missed this boat by like 6 years, I know)
-Going to the Halifax Can't Stop the Serenity event
-Listening to bad music
-Watching Wonderfalls
-Freakin' out
-Having fun, mostly
-Not blogging

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

I'm not ready for weddings yet.

This has been the summer when people started getting married.

There have been a few people from my high school graduating class tie the knot in the last couple of months, but no one I knew well. This weekend one of my best friends from high school is getting married, and it is seriously weird.

I'm not sure why the wedding is striking me so much when they've been engaged for years and I've known this was coming for ages. But I just can't get over the fact that he's getting married. Maybe it's because I'm averse to change. Maybe because when it's someone I know and love rather than someone I barely knew, it really makes me realize that we're the same age and holy shit there's no way we've reached marriageable age yet. Maybe the fact we used to date is playing into this somehow. Maybe it's because marriage means babies could happen soon and there's no way the world is ready for mini versions of him running around. I don't know.

Just, he's getting married, and it's weird.

I was invited to the reception, but won't be there since it's out of town. So yesterday I signed a wedding card, wrote a cheque for a gift, put it in an envelope, and mailed it off to them. That was the single most grown-up thing I have ever had to do.

It made me want to throw up.

Monday, 2 August 2010

Dear August:

I'm really not sure how you got here so darn fast. You probably shouldn't go around sneaking up on people like that. Didn't your mother teach you any manners?

Anyway. Polite or not, you're here now, so I have a favour to ask, 'kay? Last forever. Please please please? I'm just not ready yet.

Sure, I hate my job and want to be done NOW. In that respect alone, I would love summer to hurry up and get over.

But in every other aspect of my life... please no. I can't do it. I'm not sure a month is going to be enough. I haven't done enough swimming/beaching. I haven't been to an ocean beach at all this summer! There hasn't been enough delicious summer food. There hasn't been any driving around with the windows down and the music a little too loud. No roadtrips. No group photos. This summer doesn't even have a song yet. Sadface.

And I'm just not ready for school yet, in any way. I still haven't even finished deciding on course, I haven't got a clue what I want to write my honours thesis on or who I'll ask to be my advisor, I haven't figured out which law schools to apply to or even if I really really really want to.

I'm also just not ready for the people. Not yet. Let me live in my hermit-y little world for just a little longer before you fling me back into the social stress of where to sit on the first day, and trying to spend time with friends in the Wardroom without ending up standing around awkwardly by myself. I'm just not ready for another year of that.

In conclusion: Please, please, August, be long, and full, and beautiful. Please.



Sunday, 1 August 2010

I just want to tie a bandana around my head and grab my plastic sword and run outside screaming a war cry.

I want to play bandits or cowboys or something.

I want to traipse through the woods on a fairy hunt.

I've either been reading too many children's books, or I'm just way understimulated.