Thursday, 19 August 2010

The Best Weekend of Summer. Possibly the Year.

This weekend will be the third annual backwoods camping trip for my group of high school friends. For me, this camping trip is always one of the highlights of the year.

It's a long hike in to the site with a lot of gear to be carried. It's hard and it's painful. I'm always the slowest and I always feel like I'm a huge weakling. But then once I'm done I feel like such a tank.


I love being far far away from the city noises and the city smells and the city sights and just being surrounded by trees and lake and sky.

Definitely not the city

I love getting to see stars. The first year we went, we sat on some rocks at the edge of the lake until one or two in the morning and just looked at the stars and had quiet conversation. The sky was so clear and the lake was so still that I remember thinking the reflection of the stars on the water looked like some sort of fairy lights, or a trick by the mermaids to lure you in to your death, or something.

I love the friends I go with. I love the ridiculous shenanigans we always get up to. I love swimming, and I love camp food.

I know it doesn't look like it, but this is totally a shenanigan. We just hiked out of the woods during Hurricane Bill. Then we went swimming. Also, food!

More food!

I love that we all work together as a real team, for everything: the planning, the carrying, the setting up, the cooking, the packing up.

The team.

I am so excited for this weekend. Super super so excited. Just one more sleep.

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