Tuesday, 24 August 2010

I've lived my entire life in fear of September.

This week it suddenly feels like September. It's been downright chilly out when I left for work the last two mornings. Since I'm really not looking forward to September, I decided to try to come up with some reasons why I do look forward to the dread month.

1. I will be done with my shitty god-awful job. Forever. Thank fucking goodness.

2. Friends who spend their summers in silly non-Halifax places come back!

3. No more fruit flies. This is actually a bigger deal than you might think. We've had absolute swarms at times this summer.

4. Although there are a lot of big decisions to be made this year (honoursthesisomg, law school yes/no?, if yes where?, if no then what?, etc.), September brings me all that much closer to having decisions made and therefore feeling better about life.

5. TV starts up again. This means new episodes of Glee and Big Bang Theory. Yay!

What else should I look forward to this fall? What do you look forward to/dread about September?


Mitchell said...

6. October's only a month away

BrightenedBoy said...

I've definitely noticed the shift in weather, and I'm way farther south than you.

The coming of September is odd for me this year, as many the feelings I usually associate with it--the anticipation of being reunited with school friends, the excitement and anxiety over the start of a new academic term--are largely irrelevant in light of the fact that I'm taking a semester off from school.

It's like I'm watching a parade march through town but I can't walk alongside it, only observe as it passes on.