Tuesday, 12 October 2010


As of today, I am officially finally finished all of my law school applications.

Well, finished what I have to do, anyway. My transcripts and a few other documents are still in the mail and my references haven't finished writing their letters yet and of course the schools in question will have to request my LSAT score and all that. But it's all out of my hands now, things are just going to happen the way they do and that will be that.

It's exciting and terrifying, and at this point, really just a relief to be done with it and have it off of my to do list.

I'm still not convinced law is what I want to do with my life. People ask me why I want to do it, and the only I answer I have is that when I was thinking about what to do post-grad, I looked into law, and the course descriptions were interesting. I might get there and hate it. That would suck. Sometimes I'm really excited to go and study something new, and other times I dread studying the same thing all the time for three years straight.

The whole moving away thing is also a concern. On the one hand, it's terrifying to think about living too far away to be able to go home whenever I felt like it, or for my dad to show up on his way to work with some random food my mom sent for us. I don't want to leave behind my whole support network, and all of the places I love, and an unfinished to do list of the Haligonian things I would like to do, or the things I want to tell people but might not ever have a chance to now. But on the other hand, I do like the idea of a fresh start and new friends and a new city and new opportunities. Moving away is a little bit exciting just because then I'll get to experience coming home. In a way I think I'm somewhat worried about moving away because I might like it better and not want to come back, or at least like it equally and always be missing one of the places.

Oh well. It doesn't matter really until I find out if I even got in, and where. It'll be a little over a month, at least, before I know that, so until then I guess I'll just hang tight and appreciate this Haligonian life while I've got it.


Loud said...

As someone who did move about that far away, I can say that it's probably not as spooky as you think. Of course, I did have a couple of friends here already, so it might not be a perfect parallel.

Moving far away from my parents has - for better and worse - made me a helluva lot more independent than I ever was before. It makes home feel welcoming again whenever I go back. And best of all, I feel a lot more like an adult when I go home.

Now, if only I were financially independent. Then I'd be somewhere :p

PS. I totally feel your pain re: unfinished to-do lists.

Loud said...

PPS. Let's hang out sometime.

gnomesque said...

Yeah, like I said, there are things about moving away that would be exciting. I think that at some point in my life I have to live more than an hour away from home, or I will never ever feel like a grown-up.

PS - Yes, let's! It's been a very very long time since I've seen you (or any of your crowd, for that matter). Sadface.