Thursday, 4 November 2010

101 in 1001 Update

I haven't updated re: this in a really really long time, so let's do that now.

Things I've finished without having mentioned them on here:

50. Spend 10 days volunteering

Accomplished over the summer: 3 at Grand Chief Membertou 400 Mawio'mi, 3 at Atlantic Jazz Festival, and... I don't even remember, either 7 or 8 at Halifax International Buskers Festival. This goal was way easier than I had anticipated.

28. Try 10 new restaurants

Pilot's Pub

Niche wins for best music; the Gracious Indian wins for best samosas. I don't care to judge any other categories.

2. Talk to an academic advisor

This process actually started back in March, but I have officially sorted out the end of my degree, finally got my honours application submitted and approved, and even applied to graduate. I am good to go.

73. Find a topic I love for my honours thesis

Methods of conversion used by Jesuit Missionaries in New France in the sixteenth century.

70. Get eyes checked

Done. Needed glasses. Have glasses. Can see now.

30. Cook 10 new dishes

Beef stew
Pad Thai
Pasta with chickpea sauce
Garlic fingers
Grilled chicken with spinach and raspberries
Greek goddes burger
Pork with bell peppers
Roast beef

Most tasty: tie between pad Thai, garlic fingers, falafel, and yemista. I am bad at decisions. Also I just like food.

This brings me to a total of 26 items completed. I should theoretically be at 30 by now, but my partially completed things almost add up to enough to make up for it, so whatever, I guess. I have lost some of my interest in this list. There are definitely still a few projects on it that I would really like to accomplish, and there are a bunch of things on it that I know I should do. There are also some that I'd really like to do, and would jump if the opportunity fell into my lap, but am really not in a position to make happen just now. And then there are other things that I feel like "gee, why did I even want to do that in the first place?" I might change my list somewhat. I might quit. I might do a different sort of thing. We'll see.

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