Sunday, 14 November 2010


Earlier this week I received my first law school acceptance, from the University of Victoria.

I don't really remember how much I've actually talked about the specifics of my law school applications on here; I know I've said that I'm applying and everything but I feel like I didn't really talk about the wheres, etc. so I'm going to do that now. Apologies if I have already discussed this in detail.

I applied to three schools, UVic, McGill, and Dal.

UVic is the only law school in the country to offer a co-op program. You do three work terms, one each in a law firm, government and public interest/NGO law. (This is really attractive; everyone I know who's done a co-op program in any program has really enjoyed it, and I like the idea of getting to experience those three different sectors before I have to make real-life decisions about them.

At McGill, you do a joint law degree for both English common law and French civil law. According to the King's-alumni-lawyer-guy I met with for a mentoring session, this opens up possibilities that you don't even know exist if you haven't done that degree. Also, I like French.

Dal is just a regular law school. It's my back-up plan, both because it was the only one where I felt guaranteed to get in (they give huge preference to Maritime residents), and in case I get too scared and don't want to leave.

That said, I really don't even consider Dal as an option right now. My acceptance at UVic took out half of my reason for applying there, and in general I feel more excited than scared about moving away.

I'm not entirely sure where I would choose between UVic and McGill. Both the co-op program and the combined degree are really intriguing to me. I think I'm leaning more and more toward UVic, though. For one thing, if I decide later that I really want to get the civil law degree I can go and just do that in like a year or something, but not so much with the co-op program. Furthermore, location location location. Montreal is a really big city. Victoria is a smaller, more me-friendly size. Also, Victoria has OCEAN. (Also, bunnies, but those are not going to be a deciding factor. I swear.) But McGill is a lot closer to home, and a lot easier to come back to more often if I get homesick. When I get homesick. That's also a really silly reason to do something, though.


Loud said...

Congrats! If it helps any, I think my dad went to UVic way back in the day, and spoke highly of it. That's a long time ago, though, so the admin/culture might be all different now. Victoria also has Loading Ready Run ;)

Anonymous said...

You should never turn down an opportunity because you're scared you might get homesick. Get out there. How close it is to here shouldn't even be a factor in your decision... everyone should do things that make themselves uncomfortable at least once in awhile. If you don't push yourself, who will?