Wednesday, 10 November 2010

The Beautiful World

As I mentioned briefly a couple days ago, I recently got glasses because it turns out that I am near-sighted. I knew I was having some trouble, because it was starting to get difficult to see what my profs were writing on the board or projecting onto the screen. I really thought it was just writing, though. Everything else looked just fine.

Then my glasses came in. I was absolutely astounded the first time I put them on. Sure, I could see fine before, but with them on I can see really well. It's amazing.

I notice the difference most in the trees. I can pick out every twig and leaf and variation of colour now in a way I couldn't before. This was an especially great thing to have happen in the fall when everything is beautiful. There's one tree that I can see out of the window of my French classroom that I've really appreciated. It's lost the vast majority of its leaves already, and it just has that perfect "gloomy lonely bare tree against the sky" look to it, which is all the more stirring now that it sticks out in much sharper detail.

It was just sort of nice to realize that the world is even more beautiful than I always though it was.

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