Tuesday, 2 November 2010

For Comparison's Sake

This semester so far has felt like one of the most out of control times of my life. I'm really not sure how this is possible, because I am also considerably less busy than I have been at other times of my life which felt totally in control. Take, for example, this time a year ago vs. right now:

Commitments which were basically the same for both time periods:

4 classes
swing dancing
Student Union Scribe

Commitments I had last year that I don't any more:

2 more classes
the Memoir Project
elections committee

Commitments I have now that I didn't have last year:

honours thesis
law school applications

So last year I was definitely more busy than this year, but it felt like it was more manageable. Sure, I was often exhausted and stressed, but I never had doubts I would get everything done, and done well, which is sort of looking like it might be more of an issue this year. I also am pretty sure I spent more time with friends last year than I have this year, and I know I was getting better marks.

I'm not sure how I ended up being so all over the place (and by "all over the place" I mean I have 3 papers due within the next two weeks that I haven't started and the amount of work I've accomplished on my honours thesis is laughable). I don't think I like it, though, and I would like to get back on track.

And by "back on track" I mean improving the efficiency and quality of my schoolwork, seeing friends more often, getting back to writing (my journal is crying at me, I've neglected it for so long), getting more exercise to boost my energy levels, and wasting less time on dumb things. I know I need a more specific plan if I'm going to make that happen, so I'll work on that for the near future.

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