Sunday, 28 November 2010

Not What I Was Going to Write About Today

I thought of something super-great to blog about today. The idea came to me, and I was like "yes! That would be totally awesome, I can't wait to get home and start writing!"

But I was on my way to a meeting, which lasted for three and a half hours, and then by the time I got home and did laundry and a few other things, I totally forgot what on earth it was I was going to say.

I'm watching another NaBloPoMo draw to a close and realizing that I really haven't written about any of the things I set out intending to write about at the beginning of the month. Kinda makes me feel like a failure. I hate putting up filler posts.

Two more days, and then... something else that involves posting every day. But more on that later.

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