Thursday, 25 November 2010

Oh, Life

I recently found this great online journal tool called OhLife. Every evening, they send you an email that says "How'd your day go?" and all you have to do is reply. This creates an entry for that day in your private online journal, which you can log into to read your previous entries.

Keeping a journal tends to be a really good habit for me. When I'm making a "permanent" record of my life, I tend to want to write down the good things rather than the bad. Back when I hated my life, I used to keep a positivity journal, and every night before I went to bed I would write down a list of all the good things that happened that day. I believe that journal played a large part in pulling me out of that slump. By forcing myself to write down good things, I a) realized how many good things I had in my life, and b) helped me see what the good things were so that I could create more of them.

As beneficial as journalling is, though, it can be really difficult sometimes. When I'm busy and tired, writing in my journal is usually the first thing to get cut out of my life. I mean, I have to pick it up and open it, and find a pencil, and figure out what to write, and actually write it, and that's obviously way too difficult. But with OhLife, all I have to do is reply to an email, and they went to all the trouble of sending it to me, so it's not like I can just ignore it. Seriously.

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