Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Undesirably Awake

I think probably the worst thing about having too much to do is that when I get stressed out, I wake up early.

I get up at seven pretty much every day. Sometimes on weekends if I'm especially tired I'll sleep in until eight or nine, but through the week it's seven o'clock, every morning. When I get really stressed out, I start to wake up at about six thirty, no matter how tired I am or when I went to bed.

This sucks. I have coping strategies for when I have trouble falling asleep, but I have no idea how to make myself stay asleep. Sometimes when this happens I can get back to sleep, but usually it takes about ten minutes, so I'll only get twenty minutes of sleep, and even then it's only light sleep.

It's just so miserable that when I'm already staying up really late to finish a paper or something, I can't even get the extra half hour of sleep I was bargaining on. And then I'm even more tired, so I'm less efficient and get more stressed out and then wake up early again. Boo.

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