Friday, 5 November 2010

Watch this trailer:

Now be angry.


That hardly even looks like the book. The first two trailers showed that the story in this movie had obviously been aggrandized and epicified, but I assumed it would be left were more or less intact, just a little exaggerated. I can handle book-to-movie changes when they are small and in the spirit of the book. They are different mediums, and different things will work for each. But these are some pretty serious changes we're talking about.

What is the White Witch doing? What is up with the swords? How do they make three whole trailers for the movie without even mentioning the fact that Caspian is looking for the seven LORDS?

Agh. Anger. I love this book, and I was excited for this movie, but not if they're going to ruin it. Grump.

Fuck you, Hollywood, I want my childhood back.

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