Wednesday, 29 December 2010


Recently, Christmas has been happening. Travelling has been happening. Friendsing has been happening. Shopping has been happening.

Blogging has not been happening. Reverb10ing has not been happening. 750wordsing has not been happening either.

In the next week or so, there are a lot of things that need to and/or are going to happen. Taking my brother back to the airport tomorrow will happen. New Year's Eve will happen. Playing my new piano music will happen. Playing Mario with my mom on her new Wii will happen. Formatting two sets of a minutes needs to happen; working on my honours thesis should happen; packing to go back to Halifax will happen.

I find myself with seven missed reverb10 prompts, and two more to go. I can't do everything. There just isn't time. I'm going to skip some prompts and focus on the ones I find more inspiring. So, I'm moving past a couple of other ones and tackling the one from Christmas day.

It was raining that night: no great surprise, in this city. From our basement apartment where the windows are either high or small and covered with blinds that can't be raised, it is so difficult to tell what the weather is doing. All I could tell it was raining, and they'd been calling for a lot of rain, so I assumed it must be a downpour out there.

It was that mid-evening time when I tend to be tired of doing homework but not yet done, and not yet tired in general. It's that time of evening that my roommates and I tend to all end up in the common areas of our apartment by frequently-occurring coincidence. As we finished the night's shenanigans and prepared to return to our respective rooms and our respective academic sorrows, I glanced longingly up at the tiny living room window, seeing the drops of water gathered on it.

"Do you think I could go outside and dance in the rain?"

Roomie J assured me that this seemed like a not unreasonable thing to do.

I paused contemplatively. "Do you think I could dance in the rain in a dress?"

This one earned me a sceptical look. "You know it's November, right?"

I did know that. I wasn't planning to stay out too long, though, just enough for a bit of a romp.

I skittered into my room and re-emerged after a few minutes. "Do you think I could dance in the rain in this dress?"

"Ha. You chose that one because it would dry quickly, right?"

It's true that it was a nice heavy weight fabric, and didn't have too much to get wet in the first place. All that was just an added bonus, though. "No... when I looked in my closet this one sparkled."

I slipped on a pair of flats and scampered up the stairs and into the night. By this time I had Roomie J intrigued enough for her to grab a camera and follow me out. It actually wasn't downpouring at all but just barely sprinkling. I was disappointed by this wimpy weather in my normally wet city, but was too far invested in the adventure to turn back now. I performed a few silly dance moves and spins while Roomie J shot a few pictures, before rushing back in for my sweatpants and a hot chocolate because it was, as she'd pointed out, November.

This is a picture of myself as I'd like to be more often. Spontaneous. Impractical. Unafraid.


Bob D. said...

How wonderful! Great photo, great story. I'm glad this post ended up "happening" for you. It brought a smile to my face. I've skipped several R10 prompts lately myself, which is fine. Reflection is a good thing, but I think we've all had our fill this month and we're ready to move into the new year. Hope you have a happy one!

Kim said...

This makes me incredibly happy.