Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Going Back (Again)

I have a lot of things I want to write about: a reverb10 wrap-up, the holidays, my New Year's resolutions, etc. Today, however, is the very last day of Christmas break. I don't understand how that happened. The whole three weeks feel like they just flew by me. I didn't get any of the work done that I meant to, and I'm sort of panicked about how that's going to go in the next few days. I don't want to go back to the city, I don't want to go to class, I don't want to do homework.

Every single semester, from second year onward, I've been hit with a huge case of the "don't wannas" about having to go back. After three years of this, I've figured out that when I let myself convince myself that it's going to be awful, it turns out to be awful. So, to prevent awfulness, I started listing the good things that I'm excited to go back to. This semester, the list looks something like this:

1) My mug. I have this enormous mug that I painted at Clay Café a few years back. It's black with fall-coloured leaves on it, and it's big and round and completely fills up my hands. It is my absolute favourite mug. When I get back to my apartment tomorrow, I'm going to put on the kettle, open the cupboard door, and my mug is going to be sitting there, loyal treasure that it is, saying "welcome home."

2) Roommate parties. I love seeing friends who are away and come home over Christmas, but it is so weird not to see the people I live with. I'm excited to see them.

3) Seeing other Hali-friends that I haven't seen for the past month, too!

4) Leaving the house on a daily basis. I don't even want to talk about the proportion of days I spent sitting inside over the break. I'm sure once I get back I'll start complaining about having to walk to and from class in the freezing cold, but the fresh air will do me good.

5) Swing dance. It is one of the things in my life that just fills me with joy whenever I do it. I missed a few weeks at the end of last semester because I was just too busy, and then it was the holidays, so it's been a while. I'm excited to get back at it.

6) Skating on the Canada Games oval. Every year my friends and I take our skates back with us after Christmas break, intending to go skating at the arena, and every year they get sent home, unused, in the spring. This year, I'm hoping that the super-cool outdoor oval will be motivation enough to actually go, at least a couple times.

7) No more TV. My parents watch TV most evenings, and I actually like a lot of the shows they watch, but oh my good gracious. It is so hard to do ANYTHING else when that thing is going. It is so distracting. I am so pumped to get back to watching my two shows a week on the internet and not having the damn thing melting my brain all the time.

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Bob D. said...

Great idea to do this list. Looks like you have a lot to look forward to. Have a great semester!