Friday, 14 January 2011


I am one of those people who always makes resolutions, but never keeps them particularly well. I'm quite determined for this year to be different. Which means I have to change how I go about it.

One of the "future tools" attached to the later reverb10 prompts was Chris Guillebeau's How to Conduct Your Own Annual Review, which I found incredibly helpful. I think in spreadsheets. My goals for the year are all put into nice little categories. I have a tab for each month to keep track of weekly and monthly goals, I have deadlines set for non-ongoing goals, and I have a master tab to keep track of my success rates on all fronts.

I'm also coming at it with a different attitude. Several of my goals are to do things x times per week or month, and those are the sorts of things that usually defeat me. This year, I'm not going to ask myself for 100% perfection. I will aim for 100, but if I come out of the year with a 75%+ success rate on these ones, I will be content.

My resolutions were pretty heavily influenced by my response to the reverb10 prompt on 11 things my life doesn't need this year. I'm dropping #6 Perfectionism from the way I measure success. I've got resolutions to counteract #4 Laziness, #5 Loneliness, and #11 Clutter.

I won't list all my resolutions here, because there are a lot of them, but I they fall into the categories of Health, Friends and Family, Clutter, Writing, Crafting, Music, Happiness, Money Management, and Miscellaneous. Some of the most interesting ones are:

The aforementioned inventory and purge
Read 25 books from my to-read list
Bake twice a month
Listen to The Vinyl Café once a month
Cook from 20 different world cuisines

I've already been making good progress on quite a few of my resolutions, though I expect this will slow down within a few weeks, once reality kicks in and I have to start doing actual school work. Ah well.

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