Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Reverb10 Wrap-up

Yeah, so this is a little late, seeing as we're into the second week of January already, but here it is.

The final prompt for the month was entitle Core Story, and read as follows:

The central story bit is a bit new-agey for me. If I had to give an answer it would be that I don't know what my central story is yet because it's still being told and I'm not sure what direction it's going to take.

The bonus question, however, is a-okay. I'd say probably the main thread in my responses, especially the later ones, and including this one, is my refusal to respond to prompts properly. I'm not sure why I struggled so much to do some of them, but that is the way it went.

I actually don't even really want to respond to the bonus question. Forget that. I just want to do an overall review of how I felt about the month. I enjoyed it as a whole because it brought out a more personal, coherent side to my writing that I confess doesn't show itself frequently on this blog. I tend to write posts that go something like "here is a list of things I've done recently" or "here are a few jumbled-up paragraphs about things I've been thinking about lately." Reverb10 gave my posts some order and consistency. It brought out stories and coherent reflections.

In other ways, the project had a pretty big influence. My response to the 11 Things prompt has affected my plans and resolutions for 2011. Reverb10 also got me started on using 750 Words, which resulted in me writing 35 of the last 42 days, and making progress on a story I've been trying to get out for a year and a half.

I also enjoyed building community, however small (shout-out to Kim and Bob). The daily prompts got to be a little bit overwhelming as the month went on, however, especially when trying to read and discover and comment on other people's posts as well. That is my only complaint about the month, well, aside from the fact that I apparently didn't like as many prompts as I thought I would.

Overall, it was a good experience. I'm glad I did it. This is the final post I will write for it. The end.


Kim said...

Thank you so much for this shout-out. I'm sorry that I'm making it around so late--the last three weeks have been a zoo. When I signed up for Reverb10 I had every intention of powering through, just 'cause I hate to quit things. Combine my workload and the cat and the way some of the prompts hit me--I just wish things had gone differently.

But it's a good feeling to write about the same things other people are, at roughly the same time. I've been writing online since 2000 and this is the first time I made an effort to be this kind of social and participate-y, and I'm glad I did, even if I have a sneaking suspicion that I have no core story at all.

Bob D. said...

Yeah, I'm relieved that R10 is over. It was really hard to write and read and comment everyday, especially given the demands of a full-time job. Truly, I should be fired for all the "Reverb 10 breaks" I snuck in last month. But I think I got out of R10 as much as I put in, which is usually the case in my life.

I enjoyed following your responses, and all my comments were sincere. I hope this is only the end of R10 for you, and not the end of the blog altogether. What our little community lacks in quantity, we make up for it in quality!