Wednesday, 19 January 2011


One of my many New Year's Resolutions was to publish to this blog twice a week.  My plan was to try and do it every Monday and Friday (my "bonus" days off due to my fantastic class schedule).  I've been trying to write an entry since Monday morning, and I still don't have anything.

The reverb10 experience made this blog into something it isn't usually, and as I wrote in my wrap-up post to that, I liked telling stories and being a little more personal and sincere, rather than my usual banality.  That is something I would like to keep up here, but I am having a really hard time producing that kind of content of my own volition.  I'm going to work on it, and hopefully by Friday I'll have come up with something.  For today, my very sincere story is about how I've been trying and failing to write serious blog posts with real content to them.


Kim said...

If the internet had been what it is today when I was in school, I likely never would have graduated. (Some good came out of $4.95/hour AOL fees, plus long distance, plus crappy computers and 56k modems.) So you keep your priorities straight and write when something inspires you. That'll make the best posts anyway.

Bob D. said...

One trick I often use to get into the flow is to take a minute to focus in on my internal body sensations (fluttering in the stomach, tightness in the neck, shallow breathing, etc.), and then start by writing a brief description of the details of those feeling. Other times I'll start with describing the details of wherever I happen to be (my room, a coffee shop, etc.). I don't know why exactly, but something about attending to detail, internal or external, sets the creative process in motion for me.

In any event, as long as you're exploring something that's meaningful to you, you can't go wrong. Lookin' forward to it!