Wednesday, 16 February 2011

So long, old friend.

This is Sofia.  She is my bag.

I've had Sofia for a long time.  It's been close to six years now that she's been hanging out with me.  I finally gave in to my mom's insistences last year and retired her to the closet, replacing her with a newer and shinier model.

She was a staple of my adolescence.  She accompanied me on all my adventures - at beaches, parks, playgrounds, the mall.  She served as purse, picnic basket, and bookbag.  That girl can carry a lot of books. 

In the inventory and purge that I've been conducting recently, I finally hit the section of my closet that is home to miscellaneous bags.  There was Sofia, waiting for me like an old friend.  Sadly, I just can't justify letting her hang in the closet any more.  She's more than a little worn out, and no, those stains don't come out any more. 

I'm sad to see her go, but it's time.  And I am saving a little bit of her, hard though it was to cut into my precious girl.  The section of material under her pocket managed to remain unstained and intact.  It's going to be tucked away into my craft basket, where it will eventually become part of... something. 

This was my bag.  She was Sofia. 


Kim said...

Okay. Reading this, I actually said "aww" out loud to my empty room to see her name embroidered on her. And now my insides are all squishy.

Bob D. said...

Sweet. I love that you saved a piece of Sofia to use in a future creation. That's awesome.

Pictionary said...

Reading this made me more sad then it should have. Farewell Sofia!