Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Making It Good

Yesterday I was trying to do some annual reflection, and I could not for the life of me remember what my New Year's resolutions had been for 2012. There were no documents or spreadsheets (yes, I'm one of those) anywhere on my computer, no lists in either of my journals, so in a last-ditch effort I came looking to see if I had posted them on my blog.

And that was when I realized that I only wrote one post last year. One! Just one. Oh dear.

On the bright side: it won't be hard to beat that.

There are a lot of reasons I stopped blogging. I blame part of it on social media; a lot of the more inane rambling that used to go here now ends up on twitter or tumblr or youtube instead. That may not be a bad thing. Part of me felt some pressure to save my blog for "important" or "meaningful" things and that made it a lot harder to just write. I was busy (but who isn't). I withdrew into my own head too much and didn't want to come back out. I didn't do anything worth writing about. It doesn't matter. I didn't write here, for whatever reason, and it was fine. But goodness me, I think I miss it.

Last year wasn't bad. It just wasn't good, either. One of the past versions of myself would have called it "lameboats." The current version just sighs and hangs the new calendar with joy. This one? This one's going to be good. I'm going to make it good.

And who knows. I might even tell you about it.

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Kim said...

Thumbs way the heck UP.

There are so many reasons people take time off. I've had to singlehandedly get the house reno-ed and sold and everything I wanted to write about was a whine. So, yeah, very few posts. Blargh. And HEY, you had school, right? That'll keep you busy.